5 Essentials for a Cozy Fall Night in

5 Essentials for a Cozy Fall Night in

Cool nights call for a warm, cozy fire where you can settle in for the night with a book, glass of wine and some scented candles.

Cool nights call for a warm, cozy fire where you can settle in for the night with a book, glass of wine and some scented candles. Going out for a new adventure is fun, warranted and offers the socialization many people need but there’s something enchanting about staying in for the night, relaxing and being in your own space.

Not used to spoiling yourself with a night inside? Don't worry. There are just a few essential items you need to enjoy a cozy night indoors.

Soft, comfy blankets are in. Fill your space with blankets and pillows. Crack the window open, curl up with and get ready for a night of relaxation. If you’re going to spend a night with a special someone, the pillows and blankets set the mood for a night of snuggling.

What’s your favourite drink? A bottle of wine can ease your nerves, melt the tension away and allow you to do the one thing you should be doing on a night inside – relaxing. Not a fan of wine? That's ok, we won't judge you, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a nice gin and tonic are also cozy night approved.

“What wine goes with Captain Crunch?”― George Carlin

No cozy night in is complete without special treats. Comfort eating at its finest  candy and chocolates are the perfect treat for an autumn and winter night. Add in some popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels or any other treats that warm your heart.

We love chocolate covered potato chips, the ultimate indulgence. (Try them before you mock me, you'll be hooked)

Treats are a sweet indulgence, but as you cuddle up with a book or turn on your favourite movie, a charcuterie board is the perfect thing to nibble from. These boards are so simple to put together and can be filled with a variety of snacks such as:

• Meats and cheeses
• Fresh or dried fruit & nuts
• Crackers & Bread
• Fresh or pickled veggies
• Rich chocolate squares or candied ginger
• Complimentary dips and spreads

So simple to put together, pretty to look at and satisfying to eat.

Books, or a good movie, will complete the night. Music can play in the background if you’re reading a book to add to the mood, but be sure to choose soothing, comforting tunes. 

Movies, well fall offers a fabulous selection from feel good Hallmark Christmas movies to old classics to the latest Marvel marathon.

The books you choose are personal, but the top books for a night in, according to BuzzFeed, are:

• Let It Snow – Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle
• A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens  
• Little Women – Louisa May Alcott  
• And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie  
• The Night School – C.J. Daugherty 

Don't forget gorgeous candles to help set the mood Cozy nights indoors are all about you. Relax, have fun and spoil yourself.

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