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Candle Accessory Kit - Sacha & Co

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Candle Accessory Kit

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The must-have accessory set for candle addicts! Helps keep your candles in the best condition for safe and long-lasting burns. 

Each set includes a wick dipper, candle snuffer and wick trimmer.

Matte Black

WICK TRIMMER: Use the wick trimmer to keep wicks trimmed to 3/4 cm for a longer, cleaner safer candle burn. The trimmer tray will catch the cut wick, stopping it from falling back into the candle.

CANDLE SNUFFER: Safely and easily extinguishes candles. The cap moves in any direction for ease of use and is especially useful for container candles.

WICK DIPPER: Use the curved end to push the wick into the wax pool and re-straighten it. This primes the wick perfectly for the next time you light it. 


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